Bourgault 3320 Paralink Hoe Drill


Bourgault 3320 Paralink Hoe Drill

Bourgault 3320 Paralink Hoe Drill

Bourgault has your field covered.

With the 3320 Paralink Hoe Drill, you get a great start to a great crop… with unmatched durability and quality that Bourgault is famous for.

Plus, you get unprecedented numbers of options.  Because what you need is likely different than someone who farms in a different region.  You might farm differently, with different soil conditions, and grow different crops.


Bourgault 3320 Paralink™ Hoe Drill available in 3 configurations:

3320 Standard Edition – The 3320 SE provides an effective & proven configuration for Producers who require a independent seeding system for general seeding conditions.

3320 Quick Depth Adjust – Get the best of both worlds! The 3320 QDA is the only independent depth seed drill to offer convenient quick seeding depth adjustment.

3320 eXtra Terrain Contour – If you are seeding through wash outs or in hilly terrain, the 3320 XTC offers consistent seeding depth in these challenging conditions.

  • Available in 40, 50, 60, 66, 76, and 86 foot widths in 10 and 12 inch spacings.
  • Expect great productivity with the Bourgault 86′ Paralink Hoe Drill


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