Challenger 500E Series


Challenger 500E Series

Challenger 500E Series
375-460 HP.

More clean grain in the tank.

Delivering more capacity and more productivity per acre, the 500E Series helps you tackle the toughest, tightest harvest conditions.

That’s right, everything you wanted, we give you in the Challenger® 540E and 560E combines.


Model Class Engine HP Capacity bu
540E VII AGCO POWER™ 98 ATI 375 350
560E VIII AGCO POWER™ 98 ATI 460 350



Engine: Power up productivity.

Powered by AGCO POWER 9.8-liter seven-cylinder inline engines, both the 540E and 560E combines  pack more horsepower and capacity than ever before.

  • e3™ SCR technology providing power and compliance without compromise.
  • High injection pressure and effective charge air cooling to help control emissions.
  • Increased power density and torque to maximize fuel economy.
  • A proprietary software, Electronic Engine Management 4 (EEM4), powering AGCO’s most advanced fuel injections system yet.



V-Cool™: Staying cool is simple.

Cut heat buildup and keep the cooling system running at optimum efficiency with the self-cleaning V-Cool System, found in both the 540E and 560E combine.

  • A unique radiator and cooler V-shape allows airflow to make a single pass through each element, providing more efficiency and elimination of chaff trapped between coolers.
  • A hydraulic-driven cooling fan that automatically adjusts speed to maintain engine and hydraulic temperatures. This fan reverses every 15 minutes, or sooner if needed, to forcefully clean the intake screen.
  • An extra-large engine air intake placed inside the V-Cool system that extends air filter life.
  • e3™ SCR system technology that provides performance while meeting the EPA’s Tier 4i standards.



Drives: For those who are driven.

A minimalist approach to the design of Challenger’s drives allows the most direct and efficient transfer of power to all major components.

  • In-line positioning of the engine with the rotor that delivers maximum horsepower using only two belts versus going through gear boxes.
  • A variable-speed rotor driver featuring a hydraulic speed variator controlled from your C2100 Terminal.
  • A reversing system controlled from the C2100 terminal that reverses the rotor, feed drum, elevators and augers.
  • Secondary drives such as the header, feeder, cleaning fan, elevators drive and the straw chopper that are directed through the gearbox.
  • A standard 2-speed hydrostatic propulsion drive for more choices in the field and smoother acceleration with on-the-go shifting.



Cab: Mission: Comfort and Control.

Challenger’s ComforTech™ II cabs are designed to be roomier, quieter and offer more visibility than ever before.

  • The C2100 Virtual Terminal is easily adjusted for height and your preferred angle so that multiple functions are at your fingertips.
  • Deluxe seat option includes leather bolsters plus heat and cooling options. Both the standard cloth and deluxe options feature a high-back design, air suspension and multiple adjustments.
  • An optional NightBreaker™ light package for visibility at night, adding four HID lights in the cab roof and two additional LED extremity lights below the cab.



Headers: The DynaFlex® header.

DynaFlex flexible cutterbar draper header brings the flexibility of an auger-style flex header with the gentle and fluid material handling of a draper header.

  • Direct connection to the 500E Series combines — no adapter need.  Four sizes to meet your needs including 25′, 30′, 35′ and 40′ width options (7.6, 9.1, 10.7 and 12.2 m).
  • 500E Series standard Smartrac® lateral tilt system combined with up to six cutterbar sensor (35′ & 40′ models) that allows easy navigation of contours and rolling terrain.  Precise adjustment of the cutterbar angle with 12  degrees of range using the C2100 terminal.
  • A hydraulic tilt arms located every 30 inches (76.2 cm) across the header width, allowing up to eight inches (203 mm) of vertical travel and float pressure controlled from the C2100 terminal.
  • Dual shaft-driven SCH (Schumacher) epicyclical sickle drives providing up to 400% more torque than conventional drives to handle tougher conditions.


Get more information with the CHALLENGER 500E SERIES SPEC SHEET.

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