Challenger MT900C Series


Challenger MT900C Series

Challenger MT900C Series
440-585 Engine hp

Articulated 4WD with comfort and power.

When you consider everything about a tractor; engine, frame, axles, comfort, power… you really can’t consider anything else.

The MT900C Series offers the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and control. When you see the quiet and roomy cab, simplicity of the Tractor Management Center, and unparalleled visibility, you’ll quickly discover that these tractors are as comfortable as they are powerful.


The Tier III Cat® C15 and C18 ACERT® technology engines supply significant power when compared to other tractors in its class. The real test of an engine is when it maintains power, while lugging through tough conditions and encountering heavy loads. The MT900C Series models have the built-in deep torque reserve that today’s farmers demand.


While most engine manufacturers resorted to other methods to meet Tier III standards, including exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), Caterpillar took a completely different path, developing its own unique technology. ACERT technology allows precise control of the combustion process ensuring emission standards compliance without sacrificing horsepower, performance, or reliability.


Built from the robust design of the Challenger track tractor transmission, the MT900C Series is equipped with a Cat Powershift transmission featuring push-button control for 16 forward and 4 reverse gears.

Power Management (PM)

The Power Management system is designed to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

This control coordinates engine speed with transmission gear to match an operator’s needs with field conditions. Maximum Power mode keeps the engine in the peak power range for heavy draft loads. Constant Ground Speed achieves an operator-designated ground speed while automatically controlling shifts and engine speed to maximize fuel efficiency.


Challenger MT900C Series tractors offer more flow, more versatility, and more efficiency than ever before.

Standard features include 4 remote hydraulic valves with a 5th and 6th valve available as an option. The MT900C Series feature a closed center, load-sensing, pressure- and flow-compensating system, a 43.5 gpm (164.7 L/min) pump standard, and a 59 gpm (223.3 L/min) pump option.

The operator can electronically adjust flow rates, timed detents, and individual valve operation with precision from the cab’s Tractor Management Center display. The operator can also direct continuous flow of up to 36 gpm (136.3 L/min) through any one coupler. This is particularly important in seeding and planting applications where uninterrupted oil flow to hydraulically driven motors is critical.

Operator Area

One of the first things you’ll notice about the cab is its size. Leading the industry, it boasts 108 ft3 (3.06 m3) of comfort, convenience, and control. You’ll appreciate the 67.5 ft2 (6.2 m2) of usable glass area, the slim profile dash, and the short sloping engine hood which combine to deliver an unobstructed, panoramic view.

Tractor Management Center (TMC)

Challenger’s unique Tractor Management Center (TMC) has an intuitive ergonomic design that puts all key functions at your fingertips including the all new ISOBUS TMC display. As the international standard for electronic communications used in agriculture, ISOBUS allows any compatible tractor to communicate with any compliant implement, no matter the manufacturer.

Frame and Axles

The MT900C Series ensures a perfect balance of strength and agility. It boasts the heaviest, most robust frame in the industry which serves as the foundation for the machine. The driveline is one of the largest in the industry and connected to the largest standard diameter axles. The size, strength and weight help to efficiently put power to the ground without hampering the maneuverability of the tractor.

  • Tri-point oscillation provides up to 13 degrees of movement for even distribution of weight and power
  • 42 degree turn angle provides the best-in-class 16 ft (4.87m) turning radius on 710/70 R42 tires
  • Axle diameter is 5.7 in (145mm), largest standard on the market
  • Optional electro-hydraulic differential lock


Model Engine Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
MT945C Cat® C15 ACERT® 440 (328) 360 (268)
MT955C Cat® C15 ACERT® 475 (354) 385 (287)
MT965C Cat® C18 ACERT® 525 (391) 425 (316)
MT975C Cat® C18 ACERT® 585 (436) 425 (316)

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