Challenger MT900E Series


Challenger MT900E Series

Challenger MT900E Series
490-590 Engine hp

Ultimate articulated 4-wheel drive.

When you need the ultimate articulated 4-wheel drive machine to tackle vast acreage, the only machine you want is the MT900E. A proven AGCOPOWER™ 168 with twin turbochargers delivers high torque at all engine RPMs to make short work of any field. With a massive frame and increased hydraulic flow, the most massive implements will never know what hit them.

Model Engine Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
MT955E AGCO POWER™ 16.8L 490 (365) 400 (298)
MT965E AGCO POWER™ 16.8L 540 (403) 425 (316)
MT975E AGCO POWER™ 16.8L 590 (440) 425 (316)


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