Honey Bee Grain Belt

Honey Bee

Honey Bee Grain Belt

Honey Bee Grain Belt

Honey Bee lives to make harvests faster.  Up to 20% faster!

With a keen understanding of material flow into a combine, they have engineered a superior straight-cut header built on a design that moves the crop smoothly to the feeder housing.

The Grain Belt Header defines harvest efficiency.

With low maintenance features including an oversized oil cooling reservoir and heavy duty 3/16″ (.48 cm) tubular steel header mainframe, the Grain Belt Header is designed to last. Add in our reputation for well-built, dependable equipment and you’ll have a lot more harvest time on your hands.

The Honey Bee Grain Belt Header improves combine efficiency by eliminating the twisting and tangling problems of conventional auger headers that result in poor combine performance, higher fuel costs and lower grain quality.

Using drapers and a unique feed auger, the Honey Bee Grain Belt Header uniformly feeds the crop heads first into the combine, providing constant harvest speeds, superior threshing and less down time. Depending on the crop, you can increase combine capacity by as much as 20 percent.

The Grain Belt Header not only ensures proper feeding of cereal crops, but also dramatically improves feeding of bulky crops like peas and mustard.


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