Parker 1648


Parker 1648

Parker 1648

Workhorse power with Racehorse speed!

True power and speed are meshed together to help you be more productive.  The workhorse comes from the 1,600-bushel capacity.  And speed with an unloading rate of 840 bushels per minute.

This lets you get back to the field quickly to keep the combine(s) moving.


Other advantages you get:
  • Dual-auger unloading system features 20″-diameter floor auger and 22″-diameter vertical auger
  • Hydraulic spout control for easier unloading and topping off trucks
  • Hinged clean-out doors on both floor and vertical augers for easy maintenance
  • Tubular steel construction for optimal support and durability
  • Convenient storage rack for electrical connector and color-coded, labeled hydraulic hoses for easy connection
  • Auger flip-up stand allows for quick in-field folding and flips down for a narrow transport width
  • LED lighting, reflectors and transport chain for safer transport
  • Silicone-sealed seams resist corrosion
  • Available in choice of tractor red or green
  • A rugged drivetrain design combines a belt drive for the floor auger and a direct-drive gearbox for the vertical auger. The belt drive has two 4-strand belts and dual spring-loaded tensioners for easy maintenance. There’s also a drivetrain disengagement lever for easy resetting if augers are accidentally engaged when full.

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