Parker 39 Series


Parker 39 Series

Parker 39 Series

The 39 series grain carts give larger capacities in a single auger design with steep slopes for efficient unloading and performance.

They even boast enhancing features like a hydraulic spout for easily topping off trucks. Combine this with the variety of undercarriage options and you’ll have the perfect grain cart for your operation.

Parker grain carts are well known for their performance, capacities and durability. The Parker 739, 839 and 1039 grain carts expand on these enduring traits.

  • A unique sump design funnels all grain to one spot, helping to feed the auger for faster unloading and easier cleanout.
  • Corner auger allows better visibility from the tractor cab, making unloading easier and providing better reach into the grain truck. Compared to other carts, the side-folding auger is not restricted in length by the width of the cart without having to add options to achieve extra length.
  • Hydraulic spout diverts grain flow for easier unloading.
  • The one-piece laser cut drive cog provides 50% less impact and less wearing parts due to the one-piece 1 1/2″ welded receptacle.
  • When the auger is folded, the 1 3/4″ retaining pin, welded to the cart, ensures a secure fit while in storage or transport.
  • A swivel hitch makes hookup easy and keeps the cart level in transport, ensuring stability.
  • The auger spotlight provides better visibility for nighttime unloading.
  • All carts feature an observation ladder and inspection window(s) for quick, convenient and safer viewing of cart contents.
  • Bridge construction from hitch to axle provides additional support and durability.
  • A vertical rib in the center of the sideboards gives these carts additional strength and support when they are full.
  • The PTO-shear bolt design helps protect the gearbox and driveline and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Silicone-sealed seams prevent corrosion.
  • A 3,000-PSI hydraulic cylinder, with nickel undercoating and chrome plating, ensures the highest degree of scoring, rusting and pitting prevention.
  • An easy-to-use safety chain is standard on all models. This unique chain anchoring system is built into the design of each cart to provide additional strength and safety and to ensure secure hookup.
  • The observation ladder features a nonslip surface to enhance operator safety.
  • Channel guides for electrical wires provide a secure fit while also allowing easy access.
  • Lighting package is designed to exceednew state requirements. Side-marker lights that extend over the wheels are visible from both the front and the rear.
  • Standard 7-prong electric connector makes hookup easy, and comes with a convenient storage holder with cover that keeps it safely out of the way when not in use.
  • Hose holders provide convenient placement when not in use.
  • Color choice of tractor red or green is also standard.

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