RoGator RG1100


RoGator RG1100

RoGator RG1100

Easy to handle.  Efficient to run.  Power to Perform.

The RG1100 takes value to a higher level with a 311 hp engine. Whether you’re climbing hills with a full load or muscling through the mud, this RoGator has the power you need for Saskatchewan terrain; or for the rest of western Canada (the prairies).

The RG1100 offers all of the features you’d expect in a fully equipped applicator, including a proven drive system, a professional cab with a floating armrest console, the RoGator Management Center, GatorTrak steering and technology solutions such as Agcommand and Raven systems.

Engine AGCO Power 8.4 Tier 4i
Displacement 512 cu in (8.4 L)
Horsepower 311 hp (232 kW)
Peak Horsepower 337 hp (252 kW)
Torque 1,083 ft-lbs (1,469 Nm) @ 1,500 rpm
Application Options Liquid: 1,100 gal (4,163 L) Stainless Steel Tank

Dry: 258 cu ft (7.3 m3) New Leader Spinner

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