RoGator RG1300


RoGator RG1300

RoGator RG1300

No other sprayer even comes close.  Weeds, insects and crop disease don’t wait for dry fields.  You shouldn’t have to either.

The RG1300 features the new 339 hp engine and proven drive package that allows you to match speed to field conditions more efficiently which is perfect for the prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba).

RoGator takes maneuverability to a new level with the exclusive GatorTrak 4-Wheel steering option.

With the fuel-efficient AGCO Power 8.4L diesel engine, there’s plenty of power without having to stop to refuel.  Save money on fuel, and get the job done sooner, all from the quiet comfort of the revamped cab.

Engine AGCO Power 8.4 Tier 4i
Displacement 512 cu in (8.4 L)
Horsepower 339 hp (253 kW)
Peak Horsepower 370 hp (276 kW)
Torque 1,135 ft-lbs (1,540 Nm) @ 1,500 rpm
Application Options Liquid: 1,300 gal (4,921 L) Stainless Steel Tank

Dry: 167 cu ft (4.7 m3) AirMax 180 Pneumatic Spreader
Dry: 258 cu ft (7.3 m3) New Leader Spinner
Dry: 299 cu ft (8.5 m3) MultApplier

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