RoGator RG700


RoGator RG700

RoGator RG700
Every field deserves a professional-grade sprayer

With the RG700, you get all the power you expect from a RoGator delivered in a 700-gallon machine.

With a drive package that delivers consistent field speed and excellent fuel efficiency, a flex frame to keep the wheels grounded, a comfortable and safe cab, easy setup and loading, and accurate application, the RG700 will help you make short work of all your spraying chores.

Power to the Yields

Don’t let field conditions tell you how to work. The RG700 high-torque, 165-hp AGCO Power engine and industry-leading AWD Smart Drive System™ work together seamlessly, delivering the consistent power you need to pull through hills; rough terrain; and soft, wet ground while spraying at a consistent speed without shifting. Choose the speed that’s right for you so you can apply nutrients and crop protection products more precisely. And with the RG700’s advanced selective catalytic reduction technology that meets EPA Tier 4i requirements, you won’t have to sacrifice power or fuel economy.

Locked and Loaded

When it’s time to spray, you need to get the job done fast and right. Our 700-gallon tank means more time spraying and less time reloading, with tank technology professionally proven under the most grueling conditions. From our easy top-of-tank access to an agitation system that delivers consistently mixed product whether the tank is full or almost empty to a rinsing system that ensures that new loads aren’t contaminated with old product, the RG700 is unlike any other sprayer you can own. With both an external site gauge for reloading and an in-cab tank-level sensor, you’ll always know just how much product you have in the tank.

Command Central

When you take the driver’s seat in the RG700, you can literally see and hear the difference. Featuring the industry’s only application-specific cab designed for a safe, quiet and comfortable ride, the RG700 gives you a wide, panoramic front windshield and curved windows in the corners for unmatched visibility. The RG700 is fitted with the latest technology systems to maximize productivity and profitability and an ergonomic armrest and joystick configuration that puts all the controls at your fingertips.

Rough, uneven terrain? No problem. The four-link suspension absorbs shocks, which not only provides a comfortable ride, but also means an always-consistent product application.

Battle Ready

Smart and efficient, simple and productive, the RG700’s reload system is designed with everything close at hand to let you get more done with less downtime. Because everything’s where you need it when you need it, you can reload quicker and safer.

The RG700 uses a direct path from the fill port to the tank and the tank to the pump. This means more efficient product flow, reduced product buildup and much cleaner transitions between products.

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