TerraGator TG8300


TerraGator TG8300

TerraGator TG8300
The workhorse.

Unmatched performance and durabiltity.

Extensive product development and testing has made the TG8300 the workhorse of the AGCO Application Equipment fleet. The rugged chassis delivers unmatched performance and durability.


Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

TG 7300/8300 models feature AGCO’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Recognized as one of the best and most reliable transmissions in the industry, CVT has been used in more than 150,000 off-road agricultural vehicles since its inception in 1996.

The CVT’s true advantage is that it can efficiently provide infinite speeds, from zero to 41 mph, at virtually any engine rpm. While the number of gears limits a conventional shifting transmission, the CVT fills in those gaps, increasing field speed and performance. The CVT lets you choose an exact ground speed, engine speed or a combination of both, ensuring that firm, continuous traction is applied, minimizing wheel slip and ground disturbance.

You can control driving modes with the foot pedal, joystick or power shuttle. The power shuttle lever provides seamless forward and reverse shuttling and an active standstill (de-clutch) mode, and also lets you change speed in either direction by simply pushing the lever forward or puling back.

The TerraGator Management System (TMS) maintains an intelligent electronic link between engine and transmission- using pedal or lever modes- to automatically optimize engine speed to sustain any given ground speed. Using TMS reduces fuel consumption at times when high engine speed is not required. This smart system allows you to program the minimum engine rpm that will be required to achieve maximum application system efficiencies.




The TG 7300/8300 Series features the powerful, efficient and clean AGCO Power diesel engine with e3 technology. At rated horsepower of 330- and 365 hp (246 and 272 kW) – and able to produce peak horsepower of 361-and 393 hp (269 and 293 kW) – these six-cylinder, 8.4 liter power units are the perfect matches for our continuously variable transmission. Each engine is hand-assembled and starts with a cast- iron block for exceptional structural strength.

E3 Technology
The real story is the e3 technology that gives you the most farmer-friendly approach to meeting EPA standards. Unlike the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) emission control that you’re probably familiar with, e3 is an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) process. As simple as it is effective, our e3 version of SCR treats the downstream exhaust with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), which breaks down harmlessly into nitrogen and water vapor. It’s a post-combustion, after-treatment process that takes place in the exhaust system, never interfering with engine performance. It’s a different and simple technology that ‘s designed to provide you with uncompromised horsepower and torque, significantly improved (10 – 17%) fuel economy, cooler running and longer engine life.

These engines also incorporate the Electronic Engine Management 4 (EEM4) system. An AGCO Power engine exclusive, it’s our most advanced fuel injection system. The EEM4 ensures accurate and precise timing of fuel flow to the injectors for incredibly efficient use of resources.


Application Cab

Application Cab

Our 6-post design offers exceptional visibility and is the industry’s only cab engineered specifically for application equipment. Positive cab pressure is maintained by a separate pressurization unit to maintain a comfortable working environment. A three-stage filtration process, with both internal and external filters and active carbon cleaning, keeps the air inside the cab virtually dust and odor free.

The adjustable, floating right-hand armrest conveniently holds all functions needed for field operations. It moves with the seat so the operator never has to search for the proper control.

Standard comfort features include:

  • Shock and vibration isolation materials
  • Easy entrance, wide steps
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel
  • Powershuttle lever on the left steering column
  • Touch-Pad TMC access control on right steering column
  • Radio, in-cab storage, multiple power outlets

Our semi-active deluxe seat is now standard on all TerraGator models for improved operator comfort. The seat allows for real-time automatic dampening force to match field terrain and operator preference.




Designed for big acreage and maximum versatility, every TerraGator 6303/8303 is built to be more durable than any other applicator. The main chassis beams are single lengths of high-grade, low-alloy, rectangular tubular steel. The cold-rolled 4” x 12” steel is internally pressurized to create superior strength and durability, which reduces metal stress and provides an advantage over frames that are cut and re-welded. The frame is designed to minimize stress concentration and allow for flex during field operations.

At 22.8 feet (6.9m), the wheelbase is the longest in the industry. A longer wheelbase produces a better ride so you’re not worn out after a day in the field. While the longer chassis slightly increases the overall turning radius, TerraGator maintains the ability to turn inside any application spread width of 45’ or more.

All TerraGator models feature an industry-leading paint and finish process for years of protection from rust and corrosion. The chassis is shot-blasted, degreased and phosphate-treated prior to painting for maximum paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. Each component is individually painted prior to assembly with a rust-inhibiting epoxy and primer as well as a high-gloss acrylic urethane topcoat using an airless, electrostatic spray process for maximum penetration and coverage with no metal-on-metal exposure. The process provides exceptional resistance to chemical, humidity, sun and weather conditions to keep your machine looking great for years.


Engine AGCO Power 8.4 Citius CTA EPA Tier 4i
Displacement 513 cu in (8.4 L)
Horsepower 365 hp (272.2 kW)
Peak Horsepower 393 hp (293.1 kW)
Torque 1,136 ft-lbs (1,540.2 Nm) @ 1,500 rpm
Application Options Liquid System: 1,800-gal (6,813 L) liquid system with TerraGator Boom or optional Benson Boom II™

Spinner System: New Leader™ L4000 G4 Spinner

Air System: AirMax Precision™, AirMax Precision 2™, Air Spreader™, Soilection Twin Bin®


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