TerraGator TG9300B


TerraGator TG9300B

TerraGator TG9300B
425 HP

Top of three-wheel fleet.

The TG9300 offers the most horsepower, capacity and true field performance of any applicator on the market. The numbers speak for themselves: an impressive 425-hp engine, a 34-ton load-rated capacity and a 2,400-gallon liquid system are just a few of the features at the heart of this machine.

Comfort and control features in the top-of-the-line cab and a 200-gallon (756 L) fuel tank mean you’ll be able to spend more time in the field.


Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)


The TG9300B features AGCO’s Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Widely recognized as one of the most reliable transmissions in the industry, the AGCO CVT has been used in more than 150,000 off-road agricultural vehicles since its inception in 1996.

The CVT’s true advantage is that it fills in the speed gaps of a conventional shifting transmission. You choose an exact ground speed, engine speed or a combination of both. Either way, you ensure firm, continuous traction to minimize wheel slip and ground disturbance.


Application Cab

Application Cab

Everything about the TG9300B’s state-of-the-art advanced application cab is designed to enhance operator safety, efficiency and productivity. The six-post design offers exceptional visibility and is the industry’s only cab engineered specifically for application equipment. You won’t find any retrofitted tractor cabs on our machines.

Features include:

  • More than 26 system functions provide real-time information
  • Shock and vibration isolation materials used wherever possible
  • Sound-dampening materials are used throughout the cab to reduce external noise
  • The high-output HVAC system automatically maintains a comfortable in-cab temperature
  • A triple-filtered ventilation system keeps the air inside the cab cleaner
  • Three-way dome lighting, auxiliary radio mount, in-cab storage and multiple power outlets

Our semi-active deluxe seat is now standard on all TerraGator models for improved operator comfort. The seat allows for real-time automatic dampening force to match field terrain and operator preference.


TerraGator 9300 Chassis


Built exclusively for ag use, this chassis has one-piece horizontal frame rails that are each a single length of high-grade, low- alloy steel. This design reduces metal stress, allowing for flex over rough, uneven terrain for consistent, precision application. With one of the longest wheelbases in the industry, there’s less wear-and-tear on machine system and booms, plus you get a better ride. The industry-leading paint and finish process provides exceptional resistance to chemical, humidity, and weather conditions to keep your machine looking great for years.


Engine CAT® C-13 Tier III Turbocharged Diesel
Displacement 763 cu in (12.5 L)
Horsepower 425 hp (317 kW)
Peak Horsepower 459 hp (342 kW)
Torque 1,510 ft-lbs (2,047 Nm) @ 1,400 rpm
Application Options Liquid System: 2,400-gal (9,085 L) liquid system with standard Benson Boom II™

Spinner System: New Leader™ L4000 G4 Spinner

Air System: AirMax Precision™, AirMax Precision 2™, Air Spreader™, Soilection Twin Bin®, Soilection Four Bin®

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